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Welcome to Vanrite Trucking and Excavating
Welcome to Vanrite Trucking and Excavating
Complete Basement Water Proofing
Complete Basement Water Proofing


Areas Serviced

Are you willing to travel throughout Wisconsin for foundation / waterproofing work?
No. Van Rite Trucking and Excavating only works in the greater Green Bay area of Northeast Wisconsin. Due to high gas prices and labor costs to travel significant distances to and from jobsites, that sometimes requires several days of work to complete the job, we do not travel outside of the greater Green Bay area. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Water Proofing Services

What are signs that I have basement water problems?
The following are a few signs of basement water problems:

- Cracks in foundation walls
- Peeling paint or warped wood
- Mold
- Damp or wet spots on the walls or floor
- White chalky substances on base of foundation walls
- Musty odors

How do you fix a crack in the wall?
We have excellent results using a waterproofing membrane to completely cover the crack on exterior walls. For interior wall cracks, we fill with hyrdraulic cement.

Can work be done and problems be fixed from the interior of basement?
The exterior is the “ROOT” of the problem and should be considered.

What is the cost to have foundation repairs?
There are many different circumstances for every job. In the end we expect every job to be done right in a common sense way. Sometimes the job is a simple fix and we will treat it that way. For a FREE estimate please call us today or contact us via email.

Do you warranty your work?
Yes most VanRite Trucking and Excavating waterproofing services come with a 20 year warranty which is transferable with the property.

How long does the average Basement job take?
On average the basement dependent on size and time of year will take 3 to 4 days.

For more information on our Water Proofing solutions click here.

Other Water Issues

What about water pooling in the other part of my yard?
We are also able to regrade and drain areas out in the middle of your yard that holds too much moisture. Some solutions include:
  • Hooking up downspouts to the storm sewer
  • Installing drain tile in yard
  • Adding or subtracting fill to get the right grade


Do you remove and dispose of old concrete?
Yes, we will take care of the excavation and disposal

Do you repair / replace the concrete that needs to be taken out for waterproofing job?
Yes it is very common to have to take out a piece of driveway or patio in order to excavate around a foundation. We will replace the section or whole part of the slab as the customer wishes.

What our customers are saying about us...

"We are very satisfied with the job you did on our basement. You have kind, courteous and great workers. You guys were great and we were very impressed with the whole job. They explained in detail how everything worked. I actually won't worry when it rains now. Thank you!"

Judy M - New Franken, WI

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